Candidate Forum was a Success!

The Greater American Falls Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all of the candidates who attended the candidate forum on October 16, 2014 at the American Falls District Library. The turnout was great – it was standing room only as every chair in the house was filled and interested audience members lined up against the walls.

The statewide candidates who attended were A.J. Balukoff, Bert Marley, Richard Stallings, Jana Jones, and Nels Mitchell, along with the local candidates Mary Annen, Jim Guthrie, Jefferson Hunt, Bill Lasley, Kelley Packer, Ken Andrus, Sharee Sprague, Chris Steinlicht, Kurtis Workman, and Norman Wright.

Dallas Clinger did an excellent job as the moderator for the evening, and Gilbert Hofmeister worked hard as a timekeeper to keep the candidates on track.

Michael O’Donnell from the Idaho State Journal wrote a great article covering the event and the Power County Press should be publishing an article on October 22nd. Thank you to both newspapers for attending!

Many pictures were taken and some video was recorded – these items will be uploaded in the next couple of days.

Thanks again to our candidates and audience for making it such a great evening!

The City of American Falls and Power County area provides a wide variety of options for residents and visitors alike. Nestled next to the American Falls Reservoir and Snake River canyon, it offers a multitude of activities for water sport enthusiasts, camping, and outdoorsman. The location is also an ideal spot in the Northwest, providing visitors a three-hour drive or less to some of the country’s best sites: Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole and the Tetons, Boise, Salt Lake City and Sun Valley.

The Snake River plain area is also rich in fertile fields with a strong influence of agriculture and industry. The area farms and businesses help provide a stable local economy and job opportunities for relocating families. American Falls and its surrounding area offers a rural, small town feel with amazing views and the added convenience of easy city access.

Located only 15 miles south of American Falls, the City of Rockland is located near the Sublett Range and Deep Creek Mountains. The spacious views and hometown feel provide a rural setting for families and offers the perfect retreat for the outdoorsman. Fishing, camping, hunting and snowmobiling in the winter are all ideal past times to be spent in the Rockland Valley.

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